PROMocalypse is the creative brain child of world renowned tattoo parlor, Black 13. The vision is to allow humans and zombies to coexist together for one night, and what better way to do that then at Prom. Spitfire’s involvement in this unique themed event started back in 2010, when Spitfire founders Erin and James were the Lifestyle Mangers for Amp Energy Drink. Our initial involvement was that of a sponsor, but as the years went on our involvement grew. We moved away from the role of sponsor and stepped into one of event production and development. 2014 marked the 5 year anniversary of PROMocalypse. 

This year Spitfire and Black 13 partnered again to give PROMocalypse attendee’s something fresh and new. We were tasked with recruiting event sponsors, developing a VIP lounge, and coordinating set up / strike. Event sponsorship reached an all-time high, ticket sales exceed previous years, and VIP passes sold out in record breaking time. With all the success of this past year Spitfire and Black 13 plan to continue to grow PROMocalypse.